Wellness Shares!

I got this cream as a Christmas gift from a good friend! It really is very good. My face is moisturized and soft all day long. I don’t change it with anything. All old one cream I had using my face after a while it was dry. With this cream, I showed a big difference. I suggest to try it. Thank you Chaim 😊


Hi everyone this cream is the best than any cream I ever had. I bought for my dad too for eczema and it is really really good. Thank you so much Chaim😊

- Christine


I couldn't believe how fast the cream brought life and youth back to my face, I could feel it instantly. It healed my blemishes and dry skin within days and I am now using it everywhere on my body. I have encouraged my friend to use it on his tattoos and we are both amazed and sharing with everyone we know. I now have 6 friends using it, 3 of them are vegan and have never been more amazed with a product. It's been great in my hair too, I actually want to wear my hair down now. Sometimes I just open the jar to inhale the scent and recharge my soul. Truly wonderful. Thank you so much Chaim, what a special treasure we have found in your product line.

- Ashleigh Magill


I want to thank you again for that cream. It is wonderful.
-Vrajkishori Dasi


The cream is wonderful, light, and pleasant.