Wellness Shares!

Hi everyone this cream is the best than any cream I ever had. I bought for my dad too for eczema and it is really really good. Thank you so much Chaim - Christine

I got this cream as a Christmas gift from a good friend! It really is very good. My face is moisturized and soft all day long. I don’t change it with anything. All old one cream I had using my face after a while it was dry. With this cream, I showed a big difference. I suggest to try it. Thank you Chaim!

The hydrating cream brought life and youth back to my face, I am now using it everywhere on my body. My friends use it on their tattoos and all over, we are all thrilled. Sometimes I just open the jar to inhale the scent and recharge my soul. What a blessing! - Ashleigh

I want to thank you again for that cream. It is wonderful. -Vrajkishori Dasi

The cream is wonderful, light, and pleasant. -Yoginath

"I love the texture of this cream! It feels like nothing else I’ve ever used! It’s my favorite cream for my hands. I use it for my son too. I just wish it came in bigger sizes! - Tangerine Kirk

"This is the best natural moisturizer I ever had in my life. It is very light and absorbs in the skin very quickly. It keeps my skin very hydrated and the best part is we can apply it to face and body as well. I am looking forward to trying more Yuva products." - Manpreet Kaur

"I love this product line because I know that it is made locally with love and organic ingredients..and it is good to support both my skin and my community at the same time!​" - Maggie Reidy

"I received a gift from the wonderful Chaim which not only uplifted my spirit, the light scent of Natural Coconut cream I felt immediate absorption, suppleness, and a beauty cream that enables my mature skin to accept my favorite foundation, and keep it set." - Michelle Chase